President’s Message

India economy is on verge of take off and manufacturing sector is in focus under the ‘Make in India’ initiative of our PM .

In an uncertain world , India presents certainty of growth .Major investments are on way in  Automotive GeneralEngineering,Defence ,Aerospace ,Electronics ,Medical and Railways etc.

Success of manufacturing sector depends upon how well  capital assets are utilised .Cutting tools have major contribution in determining productivity of capital assets of manufacturing sector.Besides being of strategic importance to domestic manufacturing,Cutting Tool sector presents substantial opportunities for employment generation in domestic manufacturing,exports of value added products and services related to cutting tools.

ICTMA formed in 2012  has emerged as major voice representing  Indian Cutting Tool sector.It has been working on policy advocacy with Government  and also on International fora to improve the profile of Indian Cutting Tool Industry.

ICTMA is committed to propagate the cause of Indian Cutting Tool Sector to enable it gets its due place nationally and internationally .

Sunil Taneja
President ICTMA